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GoNow Technologies has developed the first reprogrammable magnetic stripe card that communicates with an eWallet on any mobile phone. A single GoNow™ eWallet Card can be programmed to become any credit, debit, gift or loyalty card in an eWallet, thus eliminating the need to carry all those plastic payment cards. The GoNow™ eWallet Card may be integrated with any eWallet by means of an API, enabling eWallets to immediately work at all POS terminals without any changes to the existing payment infrastructure. Thus, an eWallet with the GoNow™ eWallet Card works at 100% of POS terminals, both contactless and magnetic stripe.
GoNow Technologies has a flexible solution when it comes to data storage. The GoNow™ eWallet Card has a secure element that stores data in the card itself. The card’s secure element can be used instead of, or in addition to, the secure element in a phone or the Cloud. It is the eWallet issuer’s choice.
GoNow Technologies was founded by Doug Spodak, a 15-year veteran of the wireless and payment industries. This is what he has to say about the company:
“GoNow Technologies is the creator of the GoNow™ eWallet Card, a “super smart” card that can be programmed to become any credit, debit, loyalty or stored value card and can make any eWallet work with any existing POS system or ATM. Our ambition is that eWallet issuers and consumers will find the card so simple, so useful, that it will become universal.”
Ready to work with you to unlock the potential of your eWallet
The GoNow Technologies team is ready to partner with you and your organization to bring your eWallet solution to market. Our team has the technical expertise to integrate the GoNow eWallet Card solution into your eWallet today.
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